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Installing Perl on Unix

Can be obtained from the CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) at

The easiest way to install Perl modules on Unix is to use the CPAN module. For example:

              shell> perl -MCPAN -e shell
              cpan> install DBI
              cpan> install DBD::mysql

DBD::mysql is the Perl5 Database Interface driver for the MySQL database.

To find a particular module, use the i command, followed by an expression that you want to search for:

        cpan> i /Time/ will go out to the CPAN mirrror that you selected, download the list of modules, and tell you which ones match the search word.

To install a module, just type:

        cpan> install Time::CTime takes care of the whole process. It downloads the compressed file, unpacks it, builds it, and installs it all for you, unless there is a problem with the installation process. If there are other modules on which this module relies, it will also download and install those.

perl Makefile.PL, make, make test, make install

The standard way to install a Perl module on Unix is to change into the directory that was created when you unpacked the .tar.gz file, and then type the following sequence of commands:

        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        make install

This will create a makefile for you, then compile the module, test it, and put it in the correct location for you.

List perl modules installed on the server.

   perl -MCPAN -e 'CPAN::Shell->r'
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Page last modified on March 16, 2007, at 10:54 AM