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Creating an installation server for linux installation via NFS, WWW, FTP.

Configuring an install server

  1. mkdir /var/fedora
  2. mount /mnt/cdrom (with the cd inserted)
  3. cp -r /mnt/cdrom/* /var/fedora/
  4. umount /mnt/cdrom ; eject /mnt/cdrom

We have to do the same with other cd's also.

If asked to overwrite the files just type y

Configuring an install server using disk image for nfs or disk install

  1. mkdir /var/fedora
  2. dd if /dev/cdrom of= /var/fedora/disk1.iso
  3. umount /mnt/cdrom ; eject /mnt/cdrom
  4. dd if /dev/cdrom of= /avr/fedora/disk2.iso (with the second cd)
  5. umount /mnt/cdrom ; eject /mnt/cdrom

The same procedure we have to follow with the other cd's also

Creating an NFS server

We have to add an entry to /etc/exports to share the the installation directory which was created. /var/fedora (ro) Ather this we can restart the NFS directory as root user. /etc/init.d/nfs start or /etc/init.d/nfs restart

or we can make the nfs server to be permanently on by using the command chkconfig nfs on

Creating an installation web server

To do that we have to copy the files to the webserve root create a directory /var/www/html/fedora/

  1. mkdir /var/www/html/fedora/
  2. cp *.iso /var/www/html/fedora/

Creating an installation FTP server

To do that we have to creat a symlink to the directory where the files are installed

ln -s /var/fedora /var/ftp/pub/fedora

How to install fedora on a machine away from you Using VNC fedora installation

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