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Main: Zimbra-install-centos

Zimbra Install Centos

Shutoffsome services that will interfere with ZCS.

chkconfig sendmail off
chkconfig ip6tables off
chkconfig iptables off 

install libtool-ltdl

yum install libtool-ltdl
[centos@centos ~]$

Download and install bind bind-chroot bind-libs bind-utils

yum install bind bind-chroot bind-libs bind-utils 

Insatll Options

[root@centos zcs-7.1.3_GA_3346.RHEL6_64.20110928134428]# ./ -help
./ [-r <file> -l <file> -a <file> -u -s -c type -x -h] [defaultsfile]

-c|--cluster type       Cluster install type active|standby.
-h|--help               Usage
-l|--license <file>     License file to install.
-a|--activation <file>  License activation file to install. [Upgrades only]
-r|--restore <file>     Restore contents of <file> to localconfig
-s|--softwareonly       Software only installation.
-u|--uninstall          Uninstall ZCS
-x|--skipspacecheck     Skip filesystem capacity checks.
--beta-support          Allows installer to upgrade Network Edition Betas.
--platform-override     Allows installer to continue on an unknown OS.
--skip-activation-check Allows installer to continue if license activation checks fail.
[defaultsfile]          File containing default install values.

[root@centos zcs-7.1.3_GA_3346.RHEL6_64.20110928134428]#

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