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Using Top:

  • Use the -n flag to limit the number of iterations:
    top -n 1
  • Check out the system and the process monitor form
    Download ATOP from
  • ps - report a snapshot of the current processes.
   ps       will show your the current users running process.
   ps -f    will show full list of users currently running process
   ps -ef   will show full list of all process expect kernel process
   ps -A    all process including the kernel process
   ps -Kf   will show full listing of kernel process
   ps auxw  Wide listing sorted by percentage of CPU usage and %CPU
  • simple selection ********* ********* selection by list *********
  -A all processes                      -C by command name
  -N negate selection                   -G by real group ID (supports names)
  -a all w/ tty except session leaders  -U by real user ID (supports names)
  -d all except session leaders         -g by session OR by effective group name
  -e all processes                      -p by process ID
   T  all processes on this terminal     -s processes in the sessions given
   a  all w/ tty, including other users  -t by tty
   g  OBSOLETE -- DO NOT USE             -u by effective user ID (supports names)
   r  only running processes             U  processes for specified users
   x  processes w/o controlling ttys     t  by tty
  • References..
  • Debian Administration Utilities
  • monit is a utility for managing and monitoring, processes, files, directories and devices on a UNIX system.
  • Network Monitoring Tools
  • Cacti is a complete network graphing solution.
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