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Main: Linux-Creating-Symbolic-Link-ln-command

ln - make links between files

       ln [OPTION]... [-T] TARGET LINK_NAME   (1st form)
       ln [OPTION]... TARGET                  (2nd form)
       ln [OPTION]... TARGET... DIRECTORY     (3rd form)
       ln [OPTION]... -t DIRECTORY TARGET...  (4th form)

-s, --symbolic #make symbolic links instead of hard links

ln -s [path-to-file-name] [link-name]


[fedora@fedora Desktop]$ ln -s /home/fedora/Downloads/owl/rssowl/RSSOwl rss

[fedora@fedora Desktop]$ ll
total 16
lrwxrwxrwx.  1 fedora fedora   40 Aug 23 15:02 rss -> /home/fedora/Downloads/owl/rssowl/RSSOwl


[fedora@fedora Desktop]$ file rss
rss: symbolic link to `/home/fedora/Downloads/owl/rssowl/RSSOwl'

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