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!!!ionice - set or get process I/O scheduling class and priority


The ionice command is part of the util-linux package and is available from


# ionice -c 3 -p 89

Sets process with PID 89 as an idle I/O process.

# ionice -c 2 -n 0 bash

Runs 'bash' as a best-effort program with highest priority.

# ionice -p 89 91

Prints the class and priority of the processes with PID 89 and 91


ionice - set or get process I/O scheduling class and priority

ionice [-c class] [-n level] [-t] -p PID...
ionice [-c class] [-n level] [-t] command [argument...]

As of this writing, a process can be in one of three scheduling classes:


A program running with idle I/O priority will only get disk time when no other program has asked
for disk I/O for a defined grace period. The impact of an idle I/O process on normal system
activity should be zero. This scheduling class does not take a priority argument.
Presently, this scheduling class is per‐mitted for an ordinary user (since kernel 2.6.25)

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