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Creating ISO filesystem

Creating And Mounting Iso File System Using makeisofs utility

One file containing all the directory and files of CD-ROM.

First insert the cd in cd-rom for which you want to make the ISO image file.

# which mkisofs

# fdisk –l

# mkdir iso

# cd iso

# mkisofs –o mega.iso –J –v –R /media/cdrom

-o - Output File

-J – Joilet (The file is also redable by other applications in windows).

For more details of switches see the man pages of mkisofs
# man mkisofs

Mounting ISO file

# cat /proc/filesystems 

Display list of filesystems supported by Linux or Kernel.

# mkdir mount

# mount –t iso9660 –o loop mega.iso /root/iso/mount

# cd /root/iso/mount

# ls

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Page last modified on December 14, 2012, at 04:55 PM