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Main: Google-Docs-as-File-System

mount your Google Docs account.

Written in Python using the FUSE API, this tool should be portable across all systems.

Download - google-docs-fs-1.0rc1.tar.gz from

System Requirements '

All Systems
    Python >= 2.5
    fuse-python >= 0.2
    gdata-python >= 2.0.0 

    Fuse - Comes with most Linux distributions. Can be installed on FreeBSD through Ports. 

    MacFUSE >= 2.0.3
    pkg-config >= 0.23 

Installing on Linux/FreeBSD

To install google-docs-fs you can simply run the script from within the untarred directory:

./ install

Install as root/su/sudo if you wish to install for all users. 


Use the gmount script to mount the file system:

gmount directory [email protected]

To umount the file system just use the gumount script as follows:

gumount directory

Do NOT invoke fusermount -u directly as doing this will not invoke the 
cleaning up of any leftover temporary files. You can ignore the following error:

rm: cannot remove `/home/x/.google-docs-fs': No such file or directory
as this means that there were no leftover temporary files to clean up.

Supported Filetypes
google-docs-fs supports the Microsoft Office filetypes: .doc .xls and .ppt 

Project -

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