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What is Compiz?

Compiz is a compositing window manager that uses 3D graphics acceleration via OpenGL. It provides various new graphical effects and features on any desktop environment, including Gnome and KDE. is a vendor-independent and organization-independent web site that acts as one-stop hub for developers and consumers for all OpenGL news and development resources.

Desktop Effects and Keyboard Shortcuts

   Rotate Cube             Mousewheel on Desktop                                                                            
   Switcher                Alt + Tab                                                                                         
   Shift Switcher          Super + Tab (2 modes: flip and cover)                                                             
   Ring Switcher           Super + Tab - overrides Shift Switcher                                                            
   Expo                    Super + E (toggle)                                                                                
   Film Effect             Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow                                                                     
   Rotate Cube Manually    Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button                                                                    
   Scale Windows           Alt + Shift + Up Arrow                                                                            
   Show/Clear Desktop      Ctrl + Alt + D (toggle)                                                                           
   Snapping Windows        Move a window across workspace                                                                
   Screenshot              Super + Left Mouse Button                                                                         
   Zoom In/Out             Super + Mousewheel                                                                                
   Transparent Window      Alt + Mousewheel                                                                                  
   Resize Window           Alt + F8                                                                                          
   Move Window             Alt + F7                                                                                          
   Add Helper              Super + P                                                                                         
   Widget Layer            F9 (toggle)                                                                                       
   Water Effects           Shift + F9 (toggle)                                                                               
   Fire Effects: On        Super + Shift + Left Mouse Button                                                                 
   Fire Effects: Clear     Super + Shift + C                                                                                 
   Annotate: Draw          Super + Left Mouse Button                                                                         
   Annotate: Start         Super + 1                                                                                         
   Annotate: End           Super + 3                                                                                         
   Group: Select Window(s) Super + S                                                                                         
   Group: Group Windows    Super + T                                                                                         
   Group: Ungroup Windows  Super + U                                                                                        
   Group: Flip Windows     Super + Right or Left Arrow

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