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cf-promises - cfengine's promise analyzer

[[email protected] ~]# cf-promises --h

cf-promises - cfengine's promise analyzer


   program [options]


The promise agent is a validator and analysis tool for
configuration files belonging to any of the components
of Cfengine. Configurations that make changes must be
approved by this validator before being executed.
Command line options:

--help        , -h       - Print the help message
--bundlesequence, -b value - Use the specified bundlesequence for verification
--debug       , -d value - Set debugging level 0,1,2,3
--verbose     , -v       - Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent
--dry-run     , -n       - All talk and no action mode - make no changes, only inform of promises not kept
--version     , -V       - Output the version of the software
--file        , -f value - Specify an alternative input file than the default
--define      , -D value - Define a list of comma separated classes to be defined at the start of execution
--negate      , -N value - Define a list of comma separated classes to be undefined at the start of execution
--inform      , -I       - Print basic information about changes made to the system, i.e. promises repaired
--diagnostic  , -x       - Activate internal diagnostics (developers only)
--analysis    , -a       - Perform additional analysis of configuration
--reports     , -r       - Generate reports about configuration and insert into CFDB

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This software is Copyright (C) 2008,2010-present CFEngine AS.

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