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Main: Cf-agent-cfengine-change-agent

cf-agent - cfengine's change agent

cf-agent - cfengine's change agent


   program [options]


The main Cfengine agent is the instigator of change
in the system. In that sense it is the most important
part of the Cfengine suite.

Command line options:

--bootstrap   , -B       - Bootstrap/repair a cfengine configuration from failsafe file in the WORKDIR else in current directory
--bundlesequence, -b value - Set or override bundlesequence from command line
--debug       , -d value - Set debugging level 0,1,2
--define      , -D value - Define a list of comma separated classes to be defined at the start of execution
--diagnostic  , -x value - Do internal diagnostic (developers only) level in optional argument
--dry-run     , -n       - All talk and no action mode - make no changes, only inform of promises not kept
--file        , -f value - Specify an alternative input file than the default
--help        , -h       - Print the help message
--inform      , -I       - Print basic information about changes made to the system, i.e. promises repaired
--negate      , -N value - Define a list of comma separated classes to be undefined at the start of execution
--no-lock     , -K       - Ignore locking constraints during execution (ifelapsed/expireafter) if "too soon" to run
--policy-server, -s value - Define the server name or IP address of the a policy server (for use with bootstrap)
--verbose     , -v       - Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent
--version     , -V       - Output the version of the software

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