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Backup your Drupal files & database.

Backup your Drupal files

Using your FTP client, download all your existing Drupal files to your hard drive and put the files in a folder called 'backup'.

Backup your database with phpMyAdmin

    Log in to PHPMyAdmin.

    Select your database from the dropdown box on the left.

    If you are upgrading a test site, choose your test site database.

    Click the "Export" tab

    Click "select all"

    Make sure to check the "structure" and "data" checkboxes

    Check "Save as File" desktop

    Click the "Go" button and save the .sql file to your desktop. Let's put it in the same 'backup' folder where you backed up your Drupal files.

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Page last modified on November 07, 2011, at 08:41 AM