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December 27, 2006, at 01:00 AM by -
Added lines 1-66:
*package maintenance system for Debian

This package contains the low-level commands for handling the installation and removal of packages on your system. In order to unpack and build Debian source packages you will need to install the developers' package `dpkg-dev' as well as this one.

shibu@shibu-laptop:~$ dpkg --help


dpkg -i|--install <.deb file name> ... | -R|--recursive <dir> ...
dpkg --unpack <.deb file name> ... | -R|--recursive <dir> ...
dpkg -A|--record-avail <.deb file name> ... | -R|--recursive <dir> ...
dpkg --configure <package name> ... | -a|--pending
dpkg -r|--remove | -P|--purge <package name> ... | -a|--pending
dpkg --get-selections [<pattern> ...] get list of selections to stdout
dpkg --set-selections set package selections from stdin
dpkg --update-avail <Packages-file> replace available packages info
dpkg --merge-avail <Packages-file> merge with info from file
dpkg --clear-avail erase existing available info
dpkg --forget-old-unavail forget uninstalled unavailable pkgs
dpkg -s|--status <package-name> ... display package status details
dpkg -p|--print-avail <package-name> ... display available version details
dpkg -L|--listfiles <package-name> ... list files `owned' by package(s)
dpkg -l|--list [<pattern> ...] list packages concisely
dpkg -S|--search <pattern> ... find package(s) owning file(s)
dpkg -C|--audit check for broken package(s)
dpkg --print-architecture print dpkg architecture
dpkg --compare-versions <a> <rel> <b> compare version numbers - see below
dpkg --help | --version show this help / version number
dpkg --force-help | -Dh|--debug=help help on forcing resp. debugging
dpkg --licence print copyright licensing terms

Use dpkg -b|--build|-c|--contents|-e|--control|-I|--info|-f|--field|
-x|--extract|-X|--vextract|--fsys-tarfile on archives (type dpkg-deb --help.)

For internal use: dpkg --assert-support-predepends | --predep-package |
--assert-working-epoch | --assert-long-filenames | --assert-multi-conrep


--admindir=<directory> Use <directory> instead of /var/lib/dpkg
--root=<directory> Install on alternative system rooted elsewhere
--instdir=<directory> Change inst'n root without changing admin dir
-O|--selected-only Skip packages not selected for install/upgrade
-E|--skip-same-version Skip packages whose same version is installed
-G|--refuse-downgrade Skip packages with earlier version than installed
-B|--auto-deconfigure Install even if it would break some other package
--no-debsig Do no try to verify package signatures
Just say what we would do - don't do it
-D|--debug=<octal> Enable debugging - see -Dhelp or --debug=help
--status-fd <n> Send status change updates to file descriptor <n>
--log=<filename> Log status changes and actions to <filename>
--ignore-depends=<package>,... Ignore dependencies involving <package>
--force-... Override problems - see --force-help
--no-force-...|--refuse-... Stop when problems encountered
--abort-after <n> Abort after encountering <n> errors

*Comparison operators for --compare-versions are:

lt le eq ne ge gt (treat empty version as earlier than any version);
lt-nl le-nl ge-nl gt-nl (treat empty version as later than any version);
< << <= = >= >> > (only for compatibility with control file syntax).

*Use `dselect' or `aptitude' for user-friendly package management.
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Page last modified on December 27, 2006, at 01:00 AM