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June 26, 2007, at 05:11 AM by -
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To create and start "basic" VE with ID of 1000, using fedora-core-5 OS template, and IP address of\\\\
vzctl create 1000 --ostemplate fedora-core-5 --config vps.basic\\
vzctl set 1000 --ipadd --save\\
vzctl start 1000\\

To set number of processes barrier/limit to 80/100, and PTY barrier/limit to 16/20 PTYs:\\
vzctl set 1000 --numproc 80:100 -t 16:20 --save

To execute command ls -la in this VE:\\
vzctl exec 1000 /bin/ls -la

To execute command pipe ls -l / | sort in this VE:\\

To stop this VE:\\
vzctl stop 1000

To permanently remove this VE:\\
vzctl destroy 1000


vz.conf(5), vps.conf(5), vzquota(8),

Log file : LOGFILE=/var/log/vzctl.log

[root@server1 vz-scripts]# vzctl status 202
VEID 202 exist mounted running

[root@server1 vz-scripts]# vzctl status 201
VEID 201 deleted unmounted down

[root@server1 vz-scripts]# vzctl --help
vzctl version 3.0.16
Copyright (C) 2000-2007 SWsoft.
This program may be distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL License.

*Usage: vzctl [options] <command> <veid> [parameters]

*vzctl destroy | mount | umount | stop | status | enter <veid>

*vzctl create <veid> {--ostemplate <name>] [--config <name>]

[--private <path>] [--root <path>] [--ipadd <addr>] | [--hostname <name>]
vzctl start <veid> [--force] [--wait]

vzctl exec | exec2 <veid> <command> [arg ...]

vzctl runscript <veid> <script>

vzctl chkpnt <veid> [--dumpfile <name>]

vzctl restore <veid> [--dumpfile <name>]

vzctl set veid [--save] [--setmode restart|ignore]

[--ipadd <addr>] [--ipdel <addr>|all] [--hostname <name>]

[--nameserver <addr>] [--searchdomain <name>] [--onboot yes|no]
[--userpasswd <user>:<passwd>] [--cpuunits <N>] [--cpulimit <N>] [--cpus <N>]
[--diskspace <soft>[:<hard>]] [--diskinodes <soft>[:<hard>]]
[--quotatime <N>] [--quotaugidlimit <N>]
[--noatime yes|no] [--capability <name>:on|off ...]
[--devices b|c:major:minor|all:r|w|rw]
[--devnodes device:r|w|rw|none]
[--netif_add <ifname[,mac,host_ifname,host_mac]]>] [--netif_del <ifname>]
[--applyconfig <name>] [--applyconfig_map <name>]
[--features <name:on|off>] [--name <vename>]
[--ioprio <N>]
[--iptables <name>] [--disabled <yes|no>]
[UBC parameters]
UBC parameters (N - items, P - pages, B - bytes):
Two numbers divided by colon means barrier:limit.
In case the limit is not given it is set to the same value as the barrier.
--numproc N[:N] --numtcpsock N[:N] --numothersock N[:N]
--vmguarpages P[:P] --kmemsize B[:B] --tcpsndbuf B[:B]
--tcprcvbuf B[:B] --othersockbuf B[:B] --dgramrcvbuf B[:B]
--oomguarpages P[:P] --lockedpages P[:P] --privvmpages P[:P]
--shmpages P[:P] --numfile N[:N] --numflock N[:N]
--numpty N[:N] --numsiginfo N[:N] --dcachesize N[:N]
--numiptent N[:N] --physpages P[:P] --avnumproc N[:N]
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Page last modified on June 26, 2007, at 05:11 AM