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Using Fdisk in Linux

  1. fdisk [device name]

/dev/hda = the first ide hard disk

/dev/sda = he first SCSI hard disk

/dev/rd/c0d0= the RAID device

/dev/ida/c0d0= the RAID device

Command (m for help): m Command action

   a   toggle a bootable flag
   b   edit bsd disklabel
   c   toggle the dos compatibility flag
   d   delete a partition
   l   list known partition types
   m   print this menu
   n   add a new partition
   o   create a new empty DOS partition table
   p   print the partition table
   q   quit without saving changes
   s   create a new empty Sun disklabel
   t   change a partition's system id
   u   change display/entry units
   v   verify the partition table
   w   write table to disk and exit
   x   extra functionality (experts only)

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Page last modified on April 24, 2009, at 01:34 PM