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Solaris (operating system)

Website:, Kernel type: Monolithic kernel

Solaris has both Open and Closed source code.

1. Bill Joy, one of the main programmers of the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), helped found Sun in 1982. Sun replaced the BSD-derived SunOS 4 with a version of UNIX System V Release 4 (SVR4), jointly developed with AT&T. Sun entered into a partnership with AT&T, which was then developing the other major Unix flavor, System V.

2.SunOS 4.1.x = Solaris 1

3.Solaris = SVR4-derived SunOS 5.0

4.Arch Support = SPARC and X86

5.Supports Large number of CPU's

6.Solaris 2.5 onwards supported CDE, and OpenWindows was dropped from Solaris 9. Solaris 9 8/03 also introduced GNOME 2.0 as an alternative to CDE. Solaris 10 supports Sun's Java Desktop System, which is based on GNOME and comes with a large set of applications, including StarOffice.

7.OpenSolaris on June 14, 2005- created by Sun Microsystems to build a developer community around Solaris Operating System technology, support (including x86-64)


    * comp.unix.solaris

    * alt.solaris.x86

    * Those in the comp.sys.sun.* hierarchy
  • Reference:

1. Official documentation for all of Sun's hardware and software products.


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