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# rpm -e ssh
# rpm -e ssh

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%blue%Getting Software Using wget
%blue%Getting Software Using wget command
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Installing Software in Linux .rpm and .deb distros

%blue%Find out software on the net.

%red%Distribution Location

%blue%Redhat, Centos, Mandriva

%blue%Getting Software Using wget

# wget http://url....1.rpm

# wget http://url to .deb

%blue%How To Install DEBs Manually

# dpkg --install ssh.1.2.deb

dpkg --install command to install the package.

Installing from CDROM..first mount the cdrom

# mount /media/cdrom

# cd /media/cdrom

# dpkg --install ssh.1.2.deb

# cd /

# umount /media/cdrom

# eject cdrom

%blue% How to List Installed DEBs

# dpkg --list

# dpkg --list ssh

# dpkg --list | grep ssh

%blue% Listing Files Associated with DEBs

# dpkg --listfiles ssh

%blue%Listing Files in DEB Files

# dpkg --contents ssh-i386.deb

%blue%Listing the DEB Package to Which a File Belongs

# dpkg --search /etc/apt/sources.list

%blue%Uninstalling DEBs

# dpkg --remove ssh

%blue%How To Install RPMs Manually

# rpm -Uvh rpm_file_name.rpm

The -U qualifier is used for updating an RPM to the latest version, the -h qualifier gives a list of hash # characters during the installation and the -v qualifier prints verbose status messages while the command is run.

# # rpm -ivh rpm_file_name.rpm

* i --> install

%blue%How to Install Source RPMs

* Download the source RPMs - file extension ending with (.src.rpm)

* Compiling and installing source RPMs

# rpmbuild --rebuild filename.src.rpm

* The compiled RPM file can now be found in one of the architecture subdirectories under /usr/src/redhat/RPMS directory.

* install the compiled RPMs

* import their public encryption key

# rpm --import http://url to the RPM-GPG-KEY

* If you don't install the keys you'll get a DSA signature warning that alerts you to the fact that the RPM file might be bogus:

%blue%How to List Installed RPMs

# rpm -qa|less

# rpm -qa | grep -i ssh

%blue% Listing Files Associated with RPMs

# rpm -q ssh

*You can use the -ql qualifier to list all the files associated with an installed RPM

%blue%Listing Files in RPM Files

# rpm -qpl ssh.i386.rpm

*You can use the -qpl qualifier to list all the files in an RPM archive to make sure before installing.

%blue%Listing the RPM to Which a File Belongs

# rpm -qf /etc/passwd

%blue%Uninstalling RPMs

# rpm -e ssh
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