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%red%Creating an installation server for linux installation via NFS, WWW, FTP.

%blue%Configuring an install server

#mkdir /var/fedora
#mount /mnt/cdrom (with the cd inserted)
#cp -r /mnt/cdrom/* /var/fedora/
#umount /mnt/cdrom ; eject /mnt/cdrom
We have to do the same with other cd's also.

If asked to overwrite the files just type y

%blue%Configuring an install server using disk image
for nfs or disk install

#mkdir /var/fedora
#dd if /dev/cdrom of= /var/fedora/disk1.iso
#umount /mnt/cdrom ; eject /mnt/cdrom
#dd if /dev/cdrom of= /avr/fedora/disk2.iso (with the second cd)
#umount /mnt/cdrom ; eject /mnt/cdrom
The same procedure we have to follow with the other cd's also

%blue%Creating an NFS server

We have to add an entry to /etc/exports to share the the
installation directory which was created.
/var/fedora (ro)
Ather this we can restart the NFS directory as root user.
/etc/init.d/nfs start or /etc/init.d/nfs restart

or we can make the nfs server to be permanently on by using the
command chkconfig nfs on

%blue%Creating an installation web server

To do that we have to copy the files to the webserve root
create a directory /var/www/html/fedora/

#mkdir /var/www/html/fedora/
#cp *.iso /var/www/html/fedora/

%blue%Creating an installation FTP server

To do that we have to creat a symlink to the directory where
the files are installed

ln -s /var/fedora /var/ftp/pub/fedora

How to install fedora on a machine away from you
Using VNC fedora installation
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Page last modified on January 26, 2006, at 06:00 AM